Why do my hobbys need to cost so much money! ;___;

Well.. I dont have so many money at the time. and theres so many things i want! I going to SVScon
(denmark) in april, i need money for that! And i want to cosplay, and i wanna cosplay Miku from
VocaLoid! But that cost money too. But i can always cosplay Eruka from Soul eater, seens
i have all the things to make her cosplay.

and oh yeah..
But i need about 200 dollars! And i dont have anyone how i can learn money from.
my parents could never! They dont support my hobby for japan.
They could kill me if they found out that i could buy a dress for 280 dollars!

I also want this design, but i have hard time finding it! i have found it one place,
and they cost like 500 dollars .____. the rose toilet are so damn pretty! *_____*

I cant get a job, because i use almust all my days at my school. This just suck.