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2/4/09 12:42 am - Because some things, you just cant live without!~

Some stuff im gonna buy next time i get moneys! ;3
From ASOS.com

This gonna at least cost 70 - 80 £ *_____*
After that, buying Angelic pretty!

YES! Disney is made of Awesomess! ;3

1/28/09 12:38 am - Alice in Wonderland!! YES!

So what i head about a year ago was not a rumor!!!
Tim burton gonna make Alice in Wonderland *O* <3333
I cant freaking wait! 2010!!
Im so happy! and Johnny deep as Mad hatter,
Helene as queen of hearts! and the alice look as a alice *w* <3

1/16/09 11:33 pm - Why do my hobbys need to cost so much money! ;___;

Well.. I dont have so many money at the time. and theres so many things i want! I going to SVScon
(denmark) in april, i need money for that! And i want to cosplay, and i wanna cosplay Miku from
VocaLoid! But that cost money too. But i can always cosplay Eruka from Soul eater, seens
i have all the things to make her cosplay.

and oh yeah..
But i need about 200 dollars! And i dont have anyone how i can learn money from.
my parents could never! They dont support my hobby for japan.
They could kill me if they found out that i could buy a dress for 280 dollars!

I also want this design, but i have hard time finding it! i have found it one place,
and they cost like 500 dollars .____. the rose toilet are so damn pretty! *_____*

I cant get a job, because i use almust all my days at my school. This just suck.

1/13/09 08:21 am - Claries Lolita Dress up Game + Icons

This is me :'D in Lolita style.
This mustly what my lolita style is!

Made some Icons (just for fun!)♥♥♥
You may use, just note that its made my me.

1/9/09 08:47 am - OMG! XD <3

Im a deeply naruto fan. This is truely awesome and funny XD <3

1/1/09 07:51 pm - FLICKR FUN!

01. Answer each of the questions below using the flickr search engine.
02. Choose a photo from the first three pages.
03. Copy the URL of your favorite photos here.

(just because im bored!)

Flickr fun PICTURES!Collapse )

11/23/08 06:50 pm - Japan in about 2 years! <3

I cant wait, when im going to japan in about 2 years with my sister <3
I need to post some more fun then this. im just so bored!
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11/18/08 11:46 am - I need some help! With my layout!

Hello everyone! Finally im gonna make some things on LJ. But i hate my ugly layout... can some please help me? Ö pleassse!
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7/27/07 04:55 pm - Help!?

Do anyone know where i can get cute hoodies???

7/27/07 05:08 am - Ello~!! My name is Anna and im tired..

Im alone in a big house in to days watching on my dogs...... COOL! D:!

Well hello, my name is anna. and this my journal. I think its about time i make one.

Well.. That is me.
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/sindsyglolita  

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